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Body Treatments 

Relaxing Back Massage 25mins £30.00

We all need to look after our backs a bit more, so why not treat yourself to a regular treatment for your back to help balance the stresses and strains of life and avoid future concerns.

Relaxation Body Treatment 1hr £48.00

Combat stress and fatigue with this full body massage, with gentle stretching movements to leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Lie back and relax as your expert therapist eases stress and invigorates the whole body using an intense combination

of pure aromatic oils and specialist massage.

Luxury Thermal Back Treatment 1hr £40.00

A facial for the back! This treatment is great for anyone who wants to treat the back, an area that often gets forgotten about and difficult to reach. This back treatment aids in the ultimate of relaxation, including a 15 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, whilst also dealing with congestion, oiliness and tension in the back area. Skin is deep cleansed and exfoliated followed by the application of a hot aromatic compress to help relax the muscles.

Ultimate Signature Body Ritual 2hrs £65.00

This soothing, rejuvenating and refreshing all over body treatment incorporates a variety of indulgent aromatherapy oils packed full of powerful therapeutic benefits. Using our exotic salt scrubs to gentle exfoliate the body, eliminating dead skin cells. The face, body and scalp are massaged using specialised techniques with carefully applied pressure, finishing off with a 30 minute tailor made express facial. so let your worries melt away as we relieve your stresses and strains with this luxurious tension buster.

Exotic Hot Oil and Salt Scrub Polish 45mins £30.00

This luxurious full body treatment is tailored to your client individual needs and will leave the skin feeling smooth, hydrated, fresh and energised. A perfect treatment pre or post-holiday, pre special occasions or for someone looking to improve the texture, tone and smoothness of the skin. An aromatic and invigorating body buffing cleansing treatment to smooth away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

Lime and Walnut Wrap Treatment 1hr £40.00

The ultimate heavenly head to toe body ritual that will help to ease away the stresses of life. Cocooning the body in a comforting foil wrap, followed by a stress releasing face and scalp massage. Stimulating Lime Oil and crushed Walnut Shell will deeply exfoliate, whilst Shea Butter helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. A delightfully relaxing massage using warm aromatherapy oils to target areas of tension or stress, re-energisies and restores vitality resulting in skin that will be left beautifully nourished and exceptionally soft all over. Eliminates dead skin cells and encourages cell regeneration.

Conditioning Coconut Ritual 1hr £40.00

By cocooning the body in a comforting foil wrap, the Conditioning Coconut Ritual treatment offers ultimate indulgence for both the skin and senses. The warm Coconut Oil when applied to the skin will nourish and condition whilst enveloping the room with an exotic aroma. A décolleté and scalp massage is an extra treat to help forget about the stresses of life.

Enriched with Coconut to create a comforting and deeply nourishing treatment.

Enhanced with Lime Essential oil which is a powerful antioxidant that supports healthy immune function. Will help promote emotional balance and well-being.

Hopi Ear Candles 30mins £25.00 / with facial massage £33.00

Ear candles have a purely physical function. A light suction action (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame create a gentle massage on the eardrum. This induces a pleasant warm feeling and a balance of pressure in the ears, sinuses and forehead. It is soothing and helpful for ear ache, ear noise, migraines and headaches, stress and nervousness. Treatment can also improve nasal breathing and enhance your sense of smell. 

Warm Bamboo Massage 30mins £38.00 / 1hr £58.00

Experience an Exotic, Warming, Deep Tissue Massage with this innovative and very effective treatment.

Warm Bamboo massage is a technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters which are heated and applied to the body using aromatherapy waxes and strong pressure, to provide a great deep-tissue massage.

Hot Stone Massage 30mins £40.00 / 1hr £60.00

Hot stone massage uses soothing oils, warm basalt stones to relax your muscles, allowing for a deeper and more intense all-over massage. In hot stone therapy, your therapist applies smooth, water-heated basalt stones to key points on your body. This direct heat relaxes your muscles, which means that the massage itself is more effective and intense than it would be otherwise.

As with all spa therapies, though, never underestimate the feel-good factor. Hot stone massage will make you feel nurtured, pampered and special.

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