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Men’s Express Facial Treatment - 30 minutes £30.00

For that quick pampering treat the Men’s EXPRESS Facial is 30 minutes of pure heaven which will see the skin properly cleansed, exfoliated and revitalised. Perfect to fit in during a lunch break to ease the signs of fatigue or stress. 

Men’s Total Reviver Facial - 60 minutes £45.00

For the more indulgent and less time-sensitive, the luxury of an hour-long Men's Total Reviver treatment cannot be beaten. The specialised Men's massage techniques are designed to relieve tension and whilst our leading edge formulations help to rejuvenate and energise the skin.


Fine lines

Smoothes surface imperfections

Reduces inflammation


Refresh, revitalises and energies the skin

Smooth, lift and energise

Combat skin fatigue 

Men’s Deep Peel Facial Treatment - 45 minutes £45.00

An innovative deep exfoliation treatment using Glycolic, Lactic, Citric and Salicylic Acid to loosen stubborn dead skin cells which cause the skin to appear dull and lifeless. By removing the dead cells, cellular renewal is stimulated encouraging healthier cells to be replaced, leaving the skin with a brighter, smoother and clearer appearance.

Maintenance Manicure - 30 minutes £27.00

Includes nail shaping & buffing, cuticle tidy and hand exfoliation & massage.

Maintenance Pedicure - 40 minutes £30.00

Includes foot soak & scrub, nail shaping, Cuticle removal, hard skin buff & foot and lower leg massage.

Deluxe Pedicure - 50 minutes £40.00

Includes foot soak & scrub, nail shaping, Cuticle removal, Callus Peel Treatment & foot and lower leg massage.

Callus Peel Treatment - 25 minutes £28.00

A targeted foot treatment for visible results on hard skin and cracked heels. Includes callus peel, nail and cuticle tidy, hard skin buff and moisturisation.

Torso Waxing Treatments 

Chest £20.00

Abs £ 20.00

Chest & Abs £35.00

Nape of Neck £15.00

Lower Back £15.00

Shoulders £15.00

Upper Back & Shoulders £25.00

Full Back & Shoulders £35.00

Facial Waxing Treatments 

Eyebrows £15.00

Nostrils £11.00

Ears £10.00

Cheekbones £10.00

Arm Waxing Treatments 

Underarms £15.00

Full Arm & Hands £35.00

Upper Arm £19.00

Forearms & Hands £25.00

Hands & Fingers £10.00

Leg Waxing Treatments 

Full Legs & Feet £50.00

Upper Legs £30.00

Lower Legs & Feet £30.00

Feet & Toes £10.00

Intimate Waxing Treatments 

Butt Crack £20.00

Buttocks (cheeks & crack) £35.00

Groin (penis, scrotum & mons pubis) £50.00

Brazilian (butt & groin) £70.00

Waxing Combos

Eyebrows, Ears & Nostrils £27.00

Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abs £60.00

Bum, Back & Shoulders £55.00

Back, Shoulders & Brazilian £85.00

Back, Shoulders, Chest, Abs & Brazilian £110

Legs & Brazilian £100

Full Body, no Brazilian £150

Full Body, with Brazilian £200

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