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Mini Miss Treatments 

Designed to introduce girls under the age of 14 to beauty and skin care, our Mini Miss treatments make an ideal treat, gift or indulgence for young girls.

Young girls and teenagers want to experiment, so what better way for them to learn and find their style by experiencing a professional treatment at a young age.

Mini Miss treatments are only available with parental consent.

Mini Miss Eyebrow Shape 

A good way to show your daughter how to make the most of her eyes. At an age when a lot of girls will try to take matters of eyebrow shaping into their own hands anyway, why not introduce the professional shape.

15 minutes - £8.50

Mini Miss Eyelash Tint

For holidays or a special occasion so the use of mascara is not so necessary. A patch test 24hrs prior to the tinting is vital.

20 minutes - £13.00

Mini Miss Facial

At an age where hormones and make up mean that a good skin care routine is of the up most importance, introduce the significance of skin care to ensure maintenance of healthy skin.

30 minutes - £28.00

Mini Miss Massage

The ultimate in body relaxation. This gentle massage will help to relieve tension and bring your mind into a place of comfort and well being.

Neck and shoulders - 10 minutes £10.00

Back, neck and shoulders - 20 minutes - £18.00

Full body massage - 45 minutes £29.00

Back purification treatment 30 minutes - £26.00

Mini Miss Manicure

Introduce natural nail care to your daughter – and teach her how to look after and care for her natural nails.

The nails are cut and filed and then soaked to soften the cuticles for removal. Polish applied.

45 minutes - £18.00

Mini Miss Pedicure

Feet are soaked in a warm bubbly foot bath to soften the hard skin before removal. Cuticles are trimmed and the nails are shaped and polished.

45 minutes - £20.00

Mini Miss Nail Art

Nails are shaped, colour and Art applied.

20 minutes - £9.00

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