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Slim Gel Body Wraps

MONU Body Boosting Detox Wrap Treatment

The innovative Body Boosting Detox Wrap actively firms and tightens the skin, effectively aiding in the loss of unwanted inches. Detoxifying and refining the skin, the wrap treatment contours the body whilst reducing signs of unwanted cellulite and dull skin tones after just one treatment.

Slim Gel is a concentrated gel containing sweet fennel essential oil, seaweed, herbs, distilled witch hazel and mineral salts, formulated to achieve inch loss through the intra-cellular drainage of the lymphatic system. This is achieved by the combination of compression bandages, that allow the stimulation of the deep and superficial veins, and the active ingredients in the Slim Gel that have detoxifying, diuretic and tightening effects.

Partial wrap (under bust to knees) 1hr 30mins £45.00

Full body wrap 1hr 45mins £48.00

whilst you are laying on the couch on a heated blanket why not enjoy an Aromatic Facial for only £10.00 extra (saving of £30.00)

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