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Tanning Treatments 

The ultimate tan! A spray tan mist which is layered on to the skin and develops in hours!

The St Tropez Express Tan

To ensure maximum results the formula is enriched with 100% natural tanning agent and vegetan premium, which enables the tan to match your pigmentation. The texture is rich and smooth for ultimate comfort and suitability for all skin types, making it a party staple throughout the Festive Season and New Year. Getting your glow back has never been easier.

1 Hour Development = Light

2 Hours Development = Medium

3 Hours Development = Dark

Wait 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on your desired shade, then rinse off the tinted guide colour with warm water only. After showering, skin will have a light colour but the self tan actives will continue to work for up to 8 hours, developing and deepening into your chosen shade of tan that lasts for days.

- To prolong and maintain your tan, moisturise daily and exfoliate regularly.

Your tan will continue to develop up to 8 hours post treatment.

Skinny Tan Professional

combines a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin smoothing actives to tan, contour and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite! Products are made with naturally derived tanning actives, and instantly bronzes and lasts up to 7 days. Smells like a coconut island breeze and give a streak-free natural looking tan.

Available in Natural, Medium or Dark Tan

After you spray tan Wear dark loose clothing after your treatment, tight clothing or underwear may cause marks. Do not shower or bathe for your development time (8 hours) after your tan. Pat dry after showering and avoid long bathing sessions as this may affect the longevity of your tan.

What do I need to get the best results? Exfoliate and moisturise the night before your spray tan (not on the day of the tan) paying particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles and any problem dry areas. Paint nails and toenails, especially if the are artificial. Wax / shave at least 24 / 48 hours prior to treatment. This allows the pores time to close. Dotting in pores may appear if not adhered to. Avoid using deodorant prior to your tan.

For your comfort you can wear either a bikini or go topless with our disposable underwear.

St Tropez Express Tan

20mins £25.00

Skinny Tan Professional

20mins £22.00

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