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Cosmetic Tattooing Aftercare

DAY 1 - Post Treatment - Same Day

Stay away from any Caffeine or Alocholic drinks for the next 24 hours if possible

Gently but firmly blot the eyebrow tattoos with a dry, clean tissue every 30 minutes to absorb excessive fluid and lymph build-up until bed time

Before bed, wash the eyebrow tattoos with a clean cotton pad and cold water, blot dry with a clean tissue

NO skincare product around the eyebrow tattoo areas (for 2 weeks)

NO facial skincare products containing retinal, AHA, vitamins A, C and E agents

NO working-out or activities that involve excessive sweating (for the next 5 days)

Sleep with a clean pillow case, on your back rather than stomach or sides (for 2 weeks)

You can shower or shampoo as per usual, keeping the water temperature as cool as possible

Blot the eyebrow tattoos dry with a clean tissue whenever they get wet (for 2 weeks)

NO makeup on or closely around the eyebrow tattoo areas (for 5 days)

Avoid touching the eyebrow tattoos with unclean hands or at all

Do not stress over the size of your new eyebrow tattoos today, the size will also shrink through out the healing process

Day 2-5 Post Eyebrow Tattoo Treatment

Twice a day, wash the eyebrow tattoos with a clean pad and cold water, then blot dry with a clean tissue

If scabbing is starting to form, absolutely no scratching, peeling or pulling of the scab or skin off your eyebrow tattoos - in doing so, you will risk removing the pigments from underneath the delicate new skin surface

If the eyebrow tattoo areas get too dry or itchy, a tiny rice grain sized of Bepanthen may be applied on each brow tattoo - it is important not to over saturate the areas with oil or cream. Only aply Bepanthen or on dry skin.

DO NOT use any other cream, oil or ointment not recommended by Eye Art Studio directly on your eyebrow tattoos

On the 2nd day following the procedure, your eyebrow tattoos may still be at their darkest, do not fret, stress or worry, the healing process means that there'll be approximately 30% of pigment color loss

Day 6 and Beyond - Post Eyebrow Tattoo Treatment

Continue to follow applicable after instructions

At this point, it is very important to book your touch-up appointment with your Artist if not already done so, as the 2nd session is the most vital session to complete your Eyebrow Tattoo procedure, and it is when magic truly happens