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Waxing Treatments 

For best results hair should be 5mm long.

It is advised not to have a sunbed, swim, exercise or use a sauna immediately before or after waxing.

Eyebrows (10mins) £09.00

Lip or Chin (10mins) £09.00

Lip and Chin (15mins) £14.00

Sides of Face (15mins)£09.00

Full Facial wax - includes all above (20-30mins) £30.00

Nasal wax (15mins) £11.00

Underarm (15mins) £10.00

Forearms (15mins) £16.00

Full Arm (20-30mins) £21.00

Full Leg (30-45mins) £27.00

3/4 Leg (30mins) £23.00

Upper Leg (20-30mins) £22.00

1/2 Leg (20mins) £19.00

Full Leg including

Basic Bikini (45mins-1hr) £32.00

Basic Bikini (15mins) £12.00

Extended Bikini (20-30mins) £15.00

G-string Bikini (20-30mins) £25.00

Brazilian (30-45mins) £35.00

Hollywood (30-45mins) £40.00

Discount offered on multiple treatments  (please message which treatments you require)

Guide to Bikini Waxing

  • A Basic bikini wax removes hair from the sides and top of the knicker line only
  • An Extended bikini wax is popular for many ladies just before they go on holiday or for those who regularly swim
  • A G-String wax removes hair from the same areas but follows the line of a g-string knicker, offering a higher cut option.
  • The Brazilian bikini wax takes off everything from the intimate areas (front and back), as well as the sides and top of the bikini area, leaving a strip of hair at the front.
  • Finally you can go for the Hollywood which takes everything off

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